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For clients who want to find clarity and have a clear intention of the experiences they wish to have, that feel aligned with them, based on awareness of their present life and considering their own resources. With this program the client can also identify specific areas of their lives that need some order and direction. How is the lack of clarity affecting their lives and the life of those around them. With this sessions my clients definitely learn that Clarity it is very important since it helps us to focus, to take action, to feel energized. Understanding that a lack of clarity causes stress, inaction, a scattered focus, relationship difficulties and conflicts in general. 
 4  sessions to be taken weekly or bi-weekly Helping you discover what you want and building the foundations to get you there. Included: ·Lifestyle questionnaire  ·Worksheet or resources ·4 x 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions    ·Unlimited email support during the course of the package

Contact Details

  • Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Mountain Ridge
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