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Meet Ally

Professional Life & Wellness Coach


My close friends and relatives tell me that I am a compassionate human being. I think I am a spiritual being performing a role of a human the best I can. From a different perspective, I am an attorney, professional coach, daughter, sister, wife, friend, and a dog mom. My friends considered me their life coach even before I became a professional one. Actually, it is because of my friends and their support that I decided to start practicing this noble and rewarding career. I also have benefited from having life and spiritual coaches for a long time.


In 1999 I faced one of the biggest dilemmas of my life. I had to decide on whether I would stay in my comfort zone (my country of origin) or move to the USA to start my life from zero. In 1998, I met Jim; we met during a vacation in Aruba. It was love at first sight. It was so hard to think about leaving my land, family, culture, in summary, leave it all. It was then when I got the company and guidance of a life coach who helped me find my answers. Yes, I made my decision from my heart, helped and guided by one of my life coaches. I will share his name later on. I married Jim in March of 2000 and I now live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I still have my life coaches, yes... in plural. I have a coach for each specialized area I typically need guidance with: Spirituality, Dilemmas and Doubts, and Goal Achieving.

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